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We offer a better way to help you or your company make a great impression. We promise not to compromise on the quality of your work. We make sure to listen carefully to your needs and specific requirements. It is important that we fully understand the entire scope of your project before the work even begins. Quality projects are formed on quality foundations. We go the extra mile to ensure all project planning meets with your approval and specifications.

We also strive to keep all projects affordable. We make every effort to bring you reasonable rates for all of our services. You should not get billed the same for a job that takes two hours to create as one that takes six hours. We will work with you to determine the amount of labor and materials required to complete your project and then establish a fair price for the entire job. We will also work hard at finding the most affordable services to use for out of house work such as printing.

We firmly believe that by providing more service and quality work helps you stand out from your competition. It also helps us to stand head and shoulders above our peers in the graphics and media business.

We think our better way will encourage you to come back to us every time you need the services we provide. We love making you or your company stand out in a crowd.

Remember, Bartel Graphics & Media is always "On Target and On Time".

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