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Business Solutions

Video and photo presentations have become a necessary entity in today's business world. Video and photo documentation of corporate events and marketing rollouts of new product and services add that extra sales punch in your highly competitive sales arena. We can assist you in making your world more successful and less competitive by providing the tools you need to get the sales job done with smooth and efficient satisfaction.

  • Let us document your important meetings and sales marketing events.
  • Let us assist you by documenting events at trade shows and sales meetings.
  • Let us document your showroom activities and new product rollouts.
  • Let us assist you in your video and photo needs at your office, manufacturing and warehouse centers.
  • Let us show you how to build company morale and spirit by creating a recapping video and photo presentation of your people at work and play while attending your dynamic sales meetings.

Family Fun & Special Activities

Today's family members love the new digital technology. They go to their local shops and spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on digital video and photographic equipment. They take large video clips and many, many photos of their children, homes, vacations, backyard gatherings and parties. After these events and activities, the digital documents are viewed, and in most cases the results are fragmented, poorly composed, too long or just plain boring. Satisfaction is not part of this happiness equation.

We have a solution to this ever-growing problem. We can take your video footage and photographs and create a brand new dynamic video presentation or slideshow. We will assemble all your digital materials in a meaningful flow of events that will hold your interest and keep you entertained. We can combine video and photos or just provide one type of visual presentation media. We can also add titles and text along with transitions, narration and your favorite music. Doesn't that sound appealing?

Let's sit down and discuss your prized and treasured materials and let us respond with a solution that will have you calling us to do your next video or slideshow. After you view our creative and inspired presentations, you will want to order extra copies for all your family and friends.

If you don't have the desire, patience or equipment to do your own video and photographic work, we can get together and discuss your thoughts and provide a total creative package. Just give us a call or provide the information needed and outlined on our "contact us" page. We look forward to hearing from you.

Documentation For Insurance

Did you ever wonder how you would recreate your household contents and personal inventory in the event of a fire, flood or some other disaster? It's a problem we don't even want to think about. We have a solution we think will be appealing and easy to implement.

We will come into your home, video and photograph your furniture, carpets, drapes, appliances, tools, electronic equipment and all those household items you hold dear to your heart. We can provide the same service for your clothing, valuables and special jewelry. If this service is one you feel comfortable with, we will be happy to discuss your needs. A video and photo account of your possessions is a perfect document to provide your insurance agent or carrier.

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